ISI Enterprise

Policy Administration

Imagine having a top-down, complete view of every client portfolio. ISI Enterprise Policy Administration makes this a reality by providing users a client-centric interface in order to manage the full policy administration lifecycle.
ISI takes a broader view of what Policy Administration means to insurers, and thus leverages the fully-integrated nature of the ISI Enterprise solution to incorporate claims, risk control, reinsurance, billing and financial information into Policy Administration workflows.

Key Features:
  • Automated quote and policy life cycles
  • Full transactional versioning
  • Out-of-sequence transactions
  • Central repository for client communication and documentation
  • Flexible, configurable hierarchal policy structure
  • Policy levels provide attachment points for associating rating rules, documents and underwriting data elements
  • Expandable areas for gathering risk details
  • Automated and manual renewal features
  • Two-tiered transaction locking
  • Unique user interface to facilitate multi-tasking
  • Bulk import feature for large policies
Key Benefits:
  • Empowers users by providing integrated client information and at their fingertips
  • Rules-based underwriting system increases efficiency
  • User-friendly interface that support multi-tasking for optimal productivity


ISI Enterprise offers robust billing functionality for both direct and broker/agency bill for all lines of business. Tight integration with the Policy Administration module allows for a quick view of billing status at both the client/account and policy level, with the flexibility of modifying billing independent of the policy. The Billing module streamlines the billing process through tools such as automated statement creation and delivery, Excel-based copy-and-paste account reconciliations and batch receipt functionality.

Key Features:
  • Supports both direct bill and broker/agency bill for all lines of business
  • Configurable and flexible installment/payment plans
  • Configurable taxes, fees and charges including complex rules-based calculations
  • Integrated installment schedules with invoicing, credit card transactions and ACH/Automated Withdrawal
  • Rules-based cancellation for non-payment functionality
Key Benefits:
  • Flexible billing options catering to any distribution model
  • Flexible payment plans and installment schedules
  • Accurate financial data promotes effective and timely decision making
  • Allows for billing changes independent of the policy
  • Multi-currency facilitates operations in multiple geographical regions
  • Quick view of billing status at any level


The Claims module contains a breadth of functionality for all major claims functions. The module contains tight integration with the Policy and Reinsurance modules providing the user with point-in-time coverage verification based on the reported date or date of loss and incorporates Client, Policy and Treaty data directly into the Claim. User authority dictates what functions can be performed and enforces user authority limits throughout the process via the integrated rules engine and manages approvals, tasks and diaries through the integrated activity/workflow module.

Key Features:
  • Comprehensive process for managing the claims workflow
  • Manage reserves, process payments, salvage and subrogation recoveries
  • Multiple claimants and loss types on a single claim
  • Multiple examiners assigned to a claim
  • Point-in-time policy coverage verification
  • Full integration with Policy Administration and Reinsurance
  • Automatic generation of claims documents
  • User access security and claims authority limits
  • Automatic adjuster notification
  • Automated approval process based on user authority limits
  • Claims associated to catastrophic events
  • Attach notes, link documents and involved parties to a claim
  • Assign tasks and manage diaries from with a claim
  • Transaction summaries at claim, claimant and coverage levels
Key Benefits:
  • Maximized productivity for day-to-day claims processing
  • Streamlined and automated processes for critical claims handling
  • Reduced costs and improved efficiency in a paperless environment
  • Controlled user access and authority limits
  • Efficient rules-based approval processes


The integrated accounting module automatically captures all insurance and general business transactions processed anywhere within ISI Enterprise in real-time. Your financials are always up to date and you can manage your business in real time. Define all financial information in a customized, flexible chart of accounts which supports multiple underwriting companies and an inter-company configuration. Multi-currency capabilities allow you to operate efficiently across borders. Receive financial roll-ups for each business unit, multiple branches, countries, geographical regions, subsidiaries and parent companies. Maintain up-to-date sub-ledgers for all key business partners.

Key Features:
  • Configurable, flexible Chart of Accounts
  • Setup automatic postings, fiscal year and periods, cheque series and currency rates
  • Perform bank reconciliations
  • Fully-integrated with all other ISI Enterprise modules
  • Transactions posted in real-time
  • Supports multi-layered company structures
  • Multi-currency capabilities
Key Benefits:
  • Real-time posting of all financial transactions from all modules of the system
  • Up-to-date financial information
  • Accurate financial data promotes effective and timely decision making
  • Collect data in multiple ledgers, accounts payable, accounts receivable and General Ledger
  • Multi-currency facilitates operations in multiple geographical regions
  • Analysis of financial data with roll-ups for each company, multiple branches, countries, geographical regions, subsidiaries and parent companies.


Most insurers think of reinsurance processing as an afterthought. In fact, in a recent survey, more than 80% of property and casualty insurers handle their reinsurance processing external to their systems using manual processes or spreadsheets. There is a better way. ISI Enterprise allows insurers to configure their reinsurance treaties and facultative arrangements and automatically integrate reinsurance processing within the policy administration and claims lifecycles. ISI Enterprise was architected to handle even the most complex reinsurance requirements, including retentions, layering, complex attachment criteria and pooling.

Key Features:
  • Simple user interface to set-up and maintain treaties
  • Visual presentation of reinsurance according to treaty layering
  • Automatic assignment of reinsurance during policy and claims transaction
  • Ability to trace reinsurance calculations
  • Ability to associate reinsurance at coverage and policy levels
  • A centralized module to manage all interactions with reinsurance partners
  • Bordereau report generation
  • Grouping mechanism to manage reinsurance partners
  • Limits for setting up reinsurance are tied to user security
  • Rules-based attachment criteria
Key Benefits:
  • Transactions automatically flow through to the accounts of reinsurers for ceded and recovery reinsurance transactions as well as receivables and payables
  • Flexibility in assigning and validating conditions for treaty set-up
  • Ability to trace reinsurance calculations when unexpected results occur due to treaty set-up

Business Intelligence & Analytics

The ISI Enterprise software suite provides insurers with an aggregated dataset on their business and operations. Advanced reporting and business intelligence capabilities empowers users and management with the tools to build custom reports, views and extracts for meaningful business analysis in various consumable formats.

Dashboards take Business Intelligence a step further providing insurers with valuable, customizable, real-time information on key performance indicators. Users, Managers and Executives can customize what they want to see, when they need to see it, and in a format that is most convenient for them. Start with the big picture and drill down to analyze issues and opportunities across all functional departments.

Key Features:
  • Standard reports for all facets of insurance with real-time data
  • Analyze key performance indicators
  • Regulatory reports
  • Financial reports
  • Broker analysis
  • Monitor underwriting results
  • Create your own customized reports
  • Summarized and detailed reports available
  • Data can be exported in multiple file formats
  • Archiving of reports in the integrated document management module
Key Benefits:
  • Online standard reports available with the click of a mouse
  • Real-time data facilitates up-to-date analysis
  • Customized reports are easily available
  • Export data into multiple file formats


Key Features

Unlike systems that ask users to to pull the information they need, ISI Enterprise pushes information where it's needed. Work is distributed automatically to employees and teams based on rules, workloads and availability.

Processes can be executed automatically, or performed manually with a few, simple mouse clicks. (You can automatically obtain approval for activities outside of employee authority limits by initiating an "escalation" or "vote"). Voting is a unique feature that brings Web 2.0 functionality to the insurance industry. It increases management control and improves accountability for decision-making throughout the organization.

Key Benefits

Achieve greater consistency and improve accountability in key marketing, CRM, underwriting, claims processing and cash disbursement activities. Reduce errors, training time for new employees and expense ratios. Increase efficiency, productivity and customer service.

Workbench transforms your workflow by:
  • Automating repetitive tasks
  • Creating consistent processes for key activities
  • Simplifying cross training
  • Enhancing activity scheduling and time management
  • Tracking productivity
  • Pinpointing bottlenecks
  • Triggering pre-determined events to ensure quality control

Broker / Agent Portal

The unique architecture of ISI Enterprise enables a simplified, cost effective approach for deploying an external broker/agent portal.

ISI has built an intuitive, user friendly interface designed specifically for agents and brokers. The external interface utilizes the same underlying functionality and configuration (product definition, rules, etc.) as well as the same database as the internal system.

Key Benefits:
  • Real time data exchange between brokers/agents and internal users
  • Security driven functionality for brokers/agents (ex. all functionality within the internal system can be provided to external users through security permissions such as the ability to generate quotes, conduct endorsements, issue policies, etc.)
  • Significantly reduced maintenance costs (ex. product or rate changes are made once and propagated to both internal and external users)

Communications / CRM

If you have ever tried to integrate your core processing systems with an off-the-shelf CRM, you will immediately appreciate the integrated CRM functionality within ISI Enterprise. The CRM/Communications functionality tracks all Client interactions as well as communications relating to any entities within the system including Client, Policy, Quote, Claim, Contact, Broker, Reinsurer or Vendor. Every document, quote, photo, email, note, file attachment, task, or diary is available in a single view. Creating tasks, letters, notes and emails can all be accomplished with a few mouse clicks and will be permanently stored and available for view by authorized users.

Key Features:
  • Track all communications in one place
  • Assign tasks or add notes to record discussions or relevant information
  • Generate letters to preview, print or email directly, and store as a note
  • Send an email to any entity, directly from the system
  • Group and index related communications
  • Filter and search for specific communications
  • Link to multiple entities
Key Benefits:
  • All communications easily accessible in one place
  • Tight integration with core processing modules improves efficiency
  • Enforce security on communications for various user types

Document Production & Storage

Save time and money by managing and maintaining your documents, declaration pages, policy forms and other correspondence within the intuitive Document Production & Storage. Set-up industry-standard forms with a few mouse clicks and quickly create custom policy forms including manuscript endorsements that are unique to your business. Leverage the powerful component-driven design to decrease the ongoing maintenance effort of your documents by re-using components where necessary.

Key Features:
  • Create unique manuscript endorsements
  • Merge variables into wordings and documents
  • Define triggers to automatically generate or print documents as part of a process
  • Create ad-hoc letters and documents for any entities in the system
  • Digital signatures
Key Benefits:
  • Customize forms and wordings to reflect your business needs
  • Integration of policy, claims, billing, reinsurance or financial information into wording and documents
  • Automatic generation of documents
  • Extensible component-based design for streamlined maintenance


One of the most common reasons insurers seek to replace their policy administration systems today is the inability to roll-out new products and make ongoing changes quickly to respond to market demands.

Configuration allows insurers to implement company-specific requirements for products, claims, billing, accounting and workflow without having to involve programmers or modify source code. Configuration includes a robust rules engine which facilitates the implementation of rates and business rules throughout the core modules in ISI Enterprise.

Key Features:
  • Product configuration tools to define and manage product definitions based on flexible package or monoline structures
  • Productivity tools which streamline the configuration process including copy functions, Excel bulk import and pre-configured templates which can be leveraged to reduce time-to-market
  • Full version management for all configuration elements based on dates for new business and renewal
  • Screen configuration tools which enable expansion of the base data model
  • Robust document configuration tools to produce and manage declaration pages, forms, letters, invoices and other communications
  • Integrated ETL tool to facilitate data exchange with 3rd party systems and services
Key Benefits:
  • Perform initial implementation and ongoing maintenance changes without modifying source code, minimizing risk and costs
  • All company-specific configurations are table driven and forward-compatible as new system versions are released
  • Insurers have the option of becoming self-suffcient in configuration without having to rely on vendor support for ongoing changes