About Us

Insurance Systems Inc. (ISI) was founded in 1997 when Terry Neilson recognized a need for modern IT solutions to change the way insurers operate and interact with their insureds and stakeholders. On that premise, ISI began to build and implement custom software solutions for Property & Casualty insurers but as our organization grew, and the insurance industry evolved, so did insurers technology needs. For insurers to remain competitive, they required advanced graphical user interfaces (GUI) with the flexibility to implement new products and business changes through configuration, not software development. In 2010, we first introduced ISI Enterprise, a truly end-to-end solution that is flexible, configurable and scalable for all P&C insurers. Since its initial rollout, our team of business analysts, architects and quality assurance analysts have continued to design and implement new features on its advanced architecture to meet the ever-changing marketplace. Here at ISI, we pride ourselves on our people, process and product which is why every implementation of ISI Enterprise is completed by our experienced professional services team.

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