SecurityIn order to fully harness the potential of the fully-integrated design of ISI Enterprise, it is important to tailor the data, functions and processes to the different user audiences. ISI Enterprise allows you to set permissions on various levels of information, from policy notes right up to reports and high-level business rules.  Security and access can be defined and enforced at field, policy and module levels. User authority defines what functions a user can or cannot perform within the application.

Key Features

  • Set permissions for user access at multiple levels within the system
  • User authority for policy and claims processing
  • Specify policy limits, deductibles and claims reserves and payment limits
  • Minimize maintenance setup by assigning users to groups or roles
  • Create queues for managing distribution of tasks to specific workgroups
  • Define the view the user will have within a module

Key Benefits

  • Restrict or grant user access at multiple levels
  • Maintain accountability by enforcing the approval process for user authority
  • Reduce maintenance effort by setting security at group or roles level
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