ISI Enterprise provides a comprehensive set of standard reports, summarized and detailed, to enable superior performance analysis and better decision making throughout your organization.

Understand your business with up to the minute data at your fingertips presented in a meaningful format ready for viewing, exporting or ‘slicing and dicing’.



Key Features

  • Standard reports for all facets of insurance with real-time data
  • Analyze key performance indicators
  • Regulatory reports
  • Financial reports
  • Broker analysis
  • Monitor underwriting results
  • Create your own customized reports
  • Summarized and detailed reports available
  • ISO statistical reporting out of the box
  • Data can be exported in multiple file formats
  • Archiving of reports in the integrated document management module

Key Benefits

  • Online standard reports available with the click of a mouse
  • Real-time data facilitates up-to-date analysis
  • Customized reports are easily available
  • Export data into multiple file formats
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