DocumentsSave time and money by managing and maintaining your documents, declaration pages, policy forms and other correspondence within the intuitive Document and Forms Engine. Set-up industry-standard forms with a few mouse clicks and quickly create custom policy forms including manuscript endorsements that are unique to your business. Leverage the powerful component-driven design to decrease the ongoing maintenance effort of your documents by re-using components where necessary.

Key Features

  • Create unique manuscript endorsements
  • Merge variables into wordings and documents
  • Define triggers to automatically generate or print documents as part of a process
  • Create ad-hoc letters and documents for any entities in the system
  • Digital signatures

Key Benefits

  • Customize forms and wordings to reflect your business needs
  • Integration of policy, claims, billing, reinsurance or financial information into wording and documents
  • Automatic generation of documents
  • Extensible component-based design for streamlined maintenance
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