Communications / CRMIf you have ever tried to integrate your core processing systems with an off-the-shelf CRM, you will immediately appreciate the integrated CRM functionality within ISI Enterprise. The CRM/Communications functionality tracks all Client interactions as well as communications relating to any entities within the system including Client, Policy, Quote, Claim, Contact, Broker, Reinsurer or Vendor. Every document, quote, photo, email, note, file attachment, task, or diary is available in a single view. Creating tasks, letters, notes and emails can all be accomplished with a few mouse clicks and will be permanently stored and available for view by authorized users.

Key Features

  • Track all communications in one place
  • Assign tasks or add notes to record discussions or relevant information
  • Generate letters to preview, print or email directly, and store as a note
  • Send an email to any entity, directly from the system
  • Group and index related communications
  • Filter and search for specific communications
  • Link to multiple entities

Key Benefits

  • All communications easily accessible in one place
  • Tight integration with core processing modules improves efficiency
  • Enforce security on communications for various user types
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