Activity Central's intuitive interface allows every authorized member of your team to quickly view, schedule and execute everyday tasks.

Key Features

Unlike systems that ask users to to pull the information they need, ISI Enterprise pushes information where it's needed. Work is distributed automatically to employees and teams based on rules, workloads and availability.

Processes can be executed automatically, or performed manually with a few, simple mouse clicks. (You can automatically obtain approval for activities outside of employee authority limits by initiating an "escalation" or "vote"). Voting is a unique feature that brings Web 2.0 functionality to the insurance industry. It increases management control and improves accountability for decision-making throughout the organization.

Key Benefits

Activity Central

Achieve greater consistency and improve accountability in key marketing, CRM, underwriting, claims processing and cash disbursement activities. Reduce errors, training time for new employees and expense ratios. Increase efficiency, productivity and customer service.

Activity Central transforms your workflow by:

  • Automating repetitive tasks
  • Creating consistent processes for key activities
  • Simplifying cross training
  • Enhancing activity scheduling and time management
  • Tracking productivity
  • Pinpointing bottlenecks
  • Triggering pre-determined events to ensure quality control
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