Most insurers think of reinsurance processing as an afterthought. In fact, in a recent survey, more than 80% of property and casualty insurers handle their reinsurance processing external to their systems using manual processes or spreadsheets. There is a better way. ISI Enterprise allows insurers to configure their reinsurance treaties and facultative arrangements and automatically integrate reinsurance processing within the policy administration and claims lifecycles. ISI Enterprise was architected to handle even the most complex reinsurance requirements, including retentions, layering, complex attachment criteria and pooling.

Key Features

  • Simple user interface to set-up and maintain treaties
  • Visual presentation of reinsurance according to treaty layering
  • Automatic assignment of reinsurance during policy and claims transaction
  • Ability to trace reinsurance calculations
  • Ability to associate reinsurance at coverage and policy levels
  • A centralized module to manage all interactions with reinsurance partners
  • Bordereau report generation
  • Grouping mechanism to manage reinsurance partners
  • Limits for setting up reinsurance are tied to user security
  • Rules-based attachment criteria

Key Benefits

  • Transactions automatically flow through to the accounts of reinsurers for ceded and recovery reinsurance transactions as well as receivables and payables
  • Flexibility in assigning and validating conditions for treaty set-up
  • Ability to trace reinsurance calculations when unexpected results occur due to treaty set-up
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