Imagine having a top-down, complete view of every client portfolio. ISI Enterprise Policy Administration makes this a reality by providing users a client-centric interface in order to manage the full policy administration lifecycle.

ISI takes a broader view of what Policy Administration means to insurers, and thus leverages the fully-integrated nature of the ISI Enterprise solution to incorporate claims, risk control, reinsurance, billing and financial information into Policy Administration workflows.

Key Features

  • Automated quote and policy life cycles
  • Full transactional versioning
  • Out-of-sequence transactions
  • Central repository for client communication and documentation
  • Flexible, configurable hierarchal policy structure
  • Policy levels provide attachment points for associating rating rules, documents and underwriting data elements
  • Expandable areas for gathering risk details
  • Automated and manual renewal features
  • Two-tiered transaction locking
  • Unique user interface to facilitate multi-tasking
  • Bulk import feature for large policies

Key Benefits

  • Empowers users by providing integrated client information and at their fingertips
  • Rules-based underwriting system increases efficiency
  • User-friendly interface that support multi-tasking for optimal productivity
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