One of the most common reasons insurers seek to replace their policy administration systems today is the inability to roll-out new products and make ongoing changes quickly to respond to market demands. 

Configuration Studio allows insurers to implement company-specific requirements for products, claims, billing, accounting and workflow without having to involve programmers or modify source code. Configuration Studio includes a robust rules engine which facilitates the implementation of rates and business rules throughout the core modules in ISI Enterprise.

Key Features

  • Product configuration tools to define and manage product definitions based on flexible package or monoline structures
  • Productivity tools which streamline the configuration process including copy functions, Excel bulk import and pre-configured templates which can be leveraged to reduce time-to-market
  • Full version management for all configuration elements based on dates for new business and renewal
  • Screen configuration tools which enable expansion of the base data model
  • Robust document configuration tools to produce and manage declaration pages, forms, letters, invoices and other communications
  • Integrated ETL tool to facilitate data exchange with 3rd party systems and services

Key Benefits

  • Perform initial implementation and ongoing maintenance changes without modifying source code, minimizing risk and costs
  • All company-specific configurations are table driven and forward-compatible as new system versions are released
  • Insurers have the option of becoming self-suffcient in configuration without having to rely on vendor support for ongoing changes
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