The Claims module contains a breadth of functionality for all major claims functions. The module contains tight integration with the Policy and Reinsurance modules providing the user with point-in-time coverage verification based on the reported date or date of loss and incorporates Client, Policy and Treaty data directly into the Claim. User authority dictates what functions can be performed and enforces user authority limits throughout the process via the integrated rules engine and manages approvals, tasks and diaries through the integrated activity/workflow module.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive process for managing the claims workflow
  • Manage reserves, process payments, salvage and subrogation recoveries
  • Multiple claimants and loss types on a single claim
  • Multiple examiners assigned to a claim
  • Point-in-time policy coverage verification
  • Full integration with Policy Administration and Reinsurance
  • Automatic generation of claims documents
  • User access security and claims authority limits
  • Automatic adjuster notification
  • Automated approval process based on user authority limits
  • Claims associated to catastrophic events
  • Attach notes, link documents and involved parties to a claim
  • Assign tasks and manage diaries from with a claim
  • Transaction summaries at claim, claimant and coverage levels

Key Benefits

  • Maximized productivity for day-to-day claims processing
  • Streamlined and automated processes for critical claims handling
  • Reduced costs and improved efficiency in a paperless environment
  • Controlled user access and authority limits
  • Efficient rules-based approval processes
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