ISI Enterprise offers robust billing functionality for both direct and broker/agency bill for all lines of business. Tight integration with the Policy Administration module allows for a quick view of billing status at both the client/account and policy level, with the flexibility of modifying billing independent of the policy. The Billing module streamlines the billing process through tools such as automated statement creation and delivery, Excel-based copy-and-paste account reconciliations and batch receipt functionality.

Key Features

  • Supports both direct bill and broker/agency bill for all lines of business
  • Configurable and flexible installment/payment plans
  • Configurable taxes, fees and charges including complex rules-based calculations
  • Integrated installment schedules with invoicing, credit card transactions and ACH/Automated Withdrawal
  • Rules-based cancelation for non-payment functionality

Key Benefits

  • Flexible billing options catering to any distribution model
  • Flexible payment plans and installment schedules
  • Accurate financial data promotes effective and timely decision making
  • Allows for billing changes independent of the policy
  • Multi-currency facilitates operations in multiple geographical regions
  • Quick view of billing status at any level
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