SecurityIn order to fully harness the potential of the fully-integrated design of ISI Enterprise, it is important to tailor the data, functions and processes to the different user audiences. ISI Enterprise allows you to set permissions on various levels of information, from policy notes right up to reports and high-level business rules.  Security and access can be defined and enforced at field, policy and module levels. User authority defines what functions a user can or cannot perform within the application.

Key Features

  • Set permissions for user access at multiple levels within the system
  • User authority for policy and claims processing
  • Specify policy limits, deductibles and claims reserves and payment limits
  • Minimize maintenance setup by assigning users to groups or roles
  • Create queues for managing distribution of tasks to specific workgroups
  • Define the view the user will have within a module

Key Benefits

  • Restrict or grant user access at multiple levels
  • Maintain accountability by enforcing the approval process for user authority
  • Reduce maintenance effort by setting security at group or roles level


ISI Enterprise's integrated scanning and imaging enables paperless workflow and eliminates costly integration with third-party scanning systems. Documents can be indexed by client, policy, claim, agent, reinsurer and other key entities. Documents flow automatically into the Communications/CRM module and can be accessed by any authorized employee from any core module.

Most insurers think of reinsurance processing as an afterthought. In fact, in a recent survey, more than 80% of property and casualty insurers handle their reinsurance processing external to their systems using manual processes or spreadsheets. There is a better way. ISI Enterprise allows insurers to configure their reinsurance treaties and facultative arrangements and automatically integrate reinsurance processing within the policy administration and claims lifecycles. ISI Enterprise was architected to handle even the most complex reinsurance requirements, including retentions, layering, complex attachment criteria and pooling.

Key Features

  • Simple user interface to set-up and maintain treaties
  • Visual presentation of reinsurance according to treaty layering
  • Automatic assignment of reinsurance during policy and claims transaction
  • Ability to trace reinsurance calculations
  • Ability to associate reinsurance at coverage and policy levels
  • A centralized module to manage all interactions with reinsurance partners
  • Bordereau report generation
  • Grouping mechanism to manage reinsurance partners
  • Limits for setting up reinsurance are tied to user security
  • Rules-based attachment criteria

Key Benefits

  • Transactions automatically flow through to the accounts of reinsurers for ceded and recovery reinsurance transactions as well as receivables and payables
  • Flexibility in assigning and validating conditions for treaty set-up
  • Ability to trace reinsurance calculations when unexpected results occur due to treaty set-up

ISI Enterprise provides a comprehensive set of standard reports, summarized and detailed, to enable superior performance analysis and better decision making throughout your organization.

Understand your business with up to the minute data at your fingertips presented in a meaningful format ready for viewing, exporting or ‘slicing and dicing’.



Key Features

  • Standard reports for all facets of insurance with real-time data
  • Analyze key performance indicators
  • Regulatory reports
  • Financial reports
  • Broker analysis
  • Monitor underwriting results
  • Create your own customized reports
  • Summarized and detailed reports available
  • ISO statistical reporting out of the box
  • Data can be exported in multiple file formats
  • Archiving of reports in the integrated document management module

Key Benefits

  • Online standard reports available with the click of a mouse
  • Real-time data facilitates up-to-date analysis
  • Customized reports are easily available
  • Export data into multiple file formats

The integrated Rules Engine allows you to load and maintain rates and business rules for all your standard and non-standard lines of business. The intuitive interface is easy to use; rates can be copied from Microsoft Excel, allowing business users to effectively manage rates without programming intervention.

The Rules Engine also enables straight through processing of policies you define as standard - based on various parameters or user inputs – and tells the system to ensure that all unusual risks are analyzed. To ensure consistency and improve compliance you can systematically make complex decisions inside the Rule Engine module.


I have been very impressed by the excellent customer service ISI has provided over the years. Their staff has been friendly, knowledgeable, and timely in their support.

Jane Breen
Manager of Commercial Lines
Shelter Insurance

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